Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 2 - 12/11/11

Strange thing that my diary should begin at day 2 instead of 1. But yesterday has been quite a rush.
Recording all of that in a plain text editor, so brace for bad grammar and spelling.

So, err, hello. Let us call me Anon, at least for the moment. I'm recording my feelings and impressions for my current project : ponIIE. I'm a student in the last year of a French engineering school. Every year, the students elect our next student board and before that, there is a campaign. While some students have real ambitions, others, like me, create fake students lists in order to participate in the campaign for the fun, but without any desire to be elected.
For future reference, I'll call any group of people taking part in the campaign a 'list'.
Fake lists usually have strange or surprising themes, and it's only natural for me to create a list based on My Little Pony. The plan : to make a campaign as if we wanted to change the teachings of our school (a computer engineering school) in order to suit Celestia's teachings.

To be honest, I plan to give people muffins and make them smile and laugh. The rest, well, let us say I lack courage, but try to train whenever I have a chance. That wouldn't be the case of everyone, though. Believe it or not, but within a few days, I’ve been able to gather 15 students (in a school of about 350) ready to help me with my project. And with that amount of people, we have the same rights than 'not fake' lists. It means venues to speak to the students, an article in our school newspaper, and most importantly, a budget. Probably a hundred euros. Not sure what I'm going to spend it on for the moment. Many projects. We'll have to organise a party too. Mixing MLP with the usual 22-25 year old alcohol-filled nights will prove interesting. I'll go back to that later.

Wasn't long before we got our first bad reactions, too. Some people have started publicly disaproving of bronies. Nothing too serious, hopefully. But I'll have to draw the line between tolerance and self-respect soon, or it might hurt us in the long run. For the time being, I asked everyone to say nothing and keep dignified and respectable. We are supposed to be candidates for a student board, petty trolls wouldn't do it.
Besides, all fame is good fame, at least until everyone hears from us, at least once.

Yesterday was our first full meeting. Much of the staff was eager to pick up ponysonas (not sure how I’ll do with this and the 'serious' aspect of the list) and just say memes, but we're lacking a bit as soon as real work presents itself.
We have to do a video presentation of the list and the people in it for next Friday. Put some people I knew beforehand and trust on will hopefully  have ideas to present on Sunday. A week to prepare and record them, then edit the video. Time will be short. And selling the idea of ponies to hormone-stacked students...
Probably should get those motivational posters and see if I can do something with them, too.

Err, I wonder if I could get a sponsorship from one of those toy sellers in the town.

Anon, out.