Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 25 – 5/12/11

Today was quite a rush.

Woke up by a phone call, I learned that Luna snapped after too much stress and not enough sleep. He was shouting at people and giving us a bad image. Quickly glancing at my watch, 11:50am. Right, I was supposed to be at school two hours ago. Not wonders Luna was stressed. I urged there and took control of things, asking him to sit for a minute and take a breath.
I'd like to take the credit of defusing the situation, but it really goes to Luna who accepted the remark and understood he couldn't do anything more for the time being. In his position, I'm not sure I would have agreed that easily.
Nothing is utterly essential and irreplaceable, I guess.

Once that was done, I managed the members and myself during the lunch, and we served many sandwiches, as well as drinks and pie slices. The pies were appreciated, but I knew it would be successful, for having tasted the food of the person who helped us yesterday.

And so our last event ended, in a haze of sweets and cakes, hastily decorated with colourful sparkles and sugary hearts. The rest of the day was uneventful, list-wise. Went to classes, made a presentation about economics and then when to dine in town with a handful of my friends. I 'spontaneously' offered our helper to pay for the food, as a way to say 'thanks' for yesterday. Good deeds shouldn't go unrewarded.

Nothing left but to wait now, or is it ?
The vote will be in a few days, but we still have time. We still have leftovers in terms of gitfs, and food. Or course all lunches and evenings are booked by the other lists, but if we could manage something...

Oh, as a side note, one of my non-brony friends told me he would vote for us, not because he ike mlp, but because our campaign was the best in his opinion. That, dear readers, is a small victory for harmony and friendship, but a victory nonetheless !

Now, if only everyone could think that...

Celestia, out.