Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 3 - 13/11/11

Good day.
Got back from visiting my parents. Nothing to report there. Good progress has been made on the video by our pinkie pie. We are supposed to record Wednesday, but with only one camera for all lists, chances are that we'll have to find some other time. Big lists with their big budgets come first, I guess.
Speaking of that, we have 90~€. Not much, but it will be completed with selling cooked goods and things like that. Big lists have 180€. Ah.. public schools. At least, I haven't paid much to enter ^^.
Some of our group have spoken about doing some work on the side to bring money. I'm kind of lazy, and don't wish for them to do it if I don't participate. I'll have to think about that later.

What would Celestia do if she had to propose courses for a school ? Apparently, that question baffles our best thinkers, because they haven't been able to produce a decent answer. Tomorrow, we will have our first day in a stand speaking to students, and having a sheet of paper with funny guidelines would have been good. We'll do without it.
I was hoping someone would come up with the idea of a fun event/game/whatever we could do to draw people's attention, too. Err. Not much there either.

The good news : our fluttershy independently started making some posters and basic visual propaganda. I would post a pic, but he left a while ago and didn't post stuff on the google group.

Tomorrow, meeting with the representatives from all the lists. We'll decide the planning of the 'reinforced week'. I'll be able to see how mad the others think we are, and hopefully grab an evening for the party.

I should get some rest.

Anon, out.