Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 20 and 21 – 30/11/11 to 01/12/11

I kind of missed a day, didn't I ?

Both yesterday and today were big days.
Yesterday was the day we presented our videos to the school (you can see them on our website, ).
A little technical problem aside (we had to re-encode everything at the last minute because they couldn't read mp4s), things went well, but the other lists made a pretty good job too, so we didn't stand out as much as we wanted to. Everyone enjoyed them, which is a good point.

We had two things planned for today. First a lunch, then an evening party.
The lunch was difficult. Our first 3 clients each paid with a big bill for a small quantity of food and it forced us to be out of change for a long time. We had trouble to serve people quickly, and that didn't help. The stress made us angry at each other, but we could sort it out quickly when the rush ended.
About the evening, it's a special case. It was a shared event between different lists. We were supposed to take care of a few animations and that's about it. But early afternoon, I had to go fetch the food for another list, and before I knew it, everyone at ponIIE was helping the others lists. We ended up serving the evening food, and a few others things too, but heh, showing us for free is always a good thing.
Besides, we could get a hold of the big tv screen a show a few more episodes during the evening. Ponies everywhere indeed.

Another thing : when there was only one serious list, a big fake one, and many small fake ones (including ponIIE), the big fake list announced they became serious about their intentions and wanted to be considered a real list. It makes us 'probably the best fake list around', which is very nice. My objective is secured with this, theoretically. We just have to keep up the pace.

Only one event remains for now. A lunch on Monday. After that, no event, only being social, agreeable, and hope for the best.

If only I knew how to be social...

Celestia, out.