Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 13 – 23/11/11

Believe it or not, nothing unexpected today.

Waking up early when you're used to go to bed at 3am isn't easy. But when you have a duty to your group, things are always easier. That's with that thought that I went to school this morning, not falling asleep only because the bags' handles were making my hands hurt.
The breakfast went fine. We could have used more food, but with small rations, everyone was given something. We even had two apples and a toast left at the end. A bit short on drinks.

After that, I left Pinkie and a few members to take care of cleaning up while I went to my exam. Things weren't bad, but I don't expect a good grade either. It's not like I took the time to study these past weeks.

This afternoon, I made up some text I'll have to use tomorrow for our school's newspaper, then the lack of sleep and the stress hit came back. Hard. I went home and crashed into my bed, waking up at about 9pm. Everyone was scattered, so I called it a day and let everyone rest. We'll have to make recordings, so it's better if everyone is in good condition.

As far as I know, the members of the list are satisfied with how I lead them. That's reassuring.

Celestia, out.