Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 23 – 03/12/11

Close, but no meeting.

Apparently, my school had something planned today. A rough translation would be 'open doors day', which means a day where visitors can come and see what the school is like. That's one of the downfall of being a state school. Since everything is supposed to be perfect, students were asked to come and help with greeting the visitors, making tours of the buildings and things like that.
Of course, it lasted for the whole day, we couldn't meet each other and before I knew it, it was night already.
Thinking of it, I haven't even had the time to look at today's episode, too. I read on EqD that it have a song in it. Well, I'll have to hear that later. I think I should be able to see a few people tomorrow, but I have better plans than just being in front of a screen, or brainstorming.

Since Monday will be our last official event, we will take the time to bake as many things as we can on Sunday, and serve them freely the next day. That will finish what's left of our money, and might help tip the scales in our favour.
Not sure what to go with. Cupcakes ? The obvious answer but too expensive, and too hard for me. Pies ? Too common. I was supposed to decide that today with everyone. I guess it will be on the spur of the moment. Maybe some funny and random thing, like pink food colouring. At any rate, it will once again be rushed and hastily.

What wasn't, anyway ?

Celestia, out.