Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 16 – 26/11/11

I feel mostly disappointed.

I had planned a lot of minor things to do today, and none of them was a major success, while I accumulated many failures. Woke up at 5:40am, tired as hell. Nudged our Rainbow Dash out of his sleep and went to the temporary HQ. I sent Luna and Sweety Belle to sleep, and waited for Rarity, who arrived around 6:30am.
And then, well. Nothing.

We had had a few orders in the 0-6am slot, but not a single one during 6-12 am. Worse, we barely had 2 orders in the next one. To make things even worse, I tried to call Hasbro as I mentioned yesterday, but to no avail, which means we'll be on our own on Monday. Between the tight budget we're going to have (as we are selling much less than we should) and no external support of any kind, we'll have to use motivation and raw energy to compensate. Right after an event that lasted a full week-end and wasn't very successful. Yeah.
The lack of money is also going to force us to ask for help from the school's bar, who shunned the list since its creation. But it's that or only soft drinks, and a party without hard drinks won't be appreciated at all by most of the students.
I had some random nosebleed during the 6-12am slot. I should take care of my health a bit more. There's just so much to do...
Also, I missed today's episode. I haven't seen it yet. I'll have to find the time later.

The good news of the day came from our Pinkie Pie. A list of the events for Monday was created, with several good ideas that were never mentioned before. I'm going to see what can and can't be done (in respect to both our budget and the fact we're dealing with adults). In short, we have a balloon fight (think of it as a pillow fight with balloons), some dance video game and selling dinners to make some money in the 'new ideas' section, plus what was said earlier.

I hope we'll have some orders tomorrow. It's going to determine a lot of things.

Celestia, out.