Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 12 – 22/11/11

Dear myself, today I learned that I'm an horrible planner.

So, where should I start. Everything was fine until a certain phone call from Pinkie Pie, around 3pm. « Hey Celestia, I haven't read anything about tomorrow's event on the google group. Are the preparations going fine ? »
Oh, so, that's what I was forgetting ? Nothing important, really. Except that I will have to feed hundreds of students the next day at 8am !

I'm getting the hang of those things, actually. I lied to Pinkie saying things were going smooth and I had things planned. Not sure if it was out of pride or to avoid panic and confusion. Not much time to reflect on it either, I'm afraid. Later maybe.
We're going to need 3 things to make it happen. Tables, food to put on the tables, and people to serve the food. I asked Pinkie to gather the willing members of the list, I would take care of the food and for the tables, we'll see tomorrow.

I went to the nearest store and searched for ideas and things I could use. I got a few ideas, but without time, nothing we could do (baking a cake might take 1 hour, but it only feeds 10 students, so if you want to feed 200, prepare for 20 hours of hell).
I settled for classic and easy things, like bread and jam, nutella, orange juice.

Total cost : about 35 euros. Money left : I... should ask Rarity about that. The event we are supposed to make on the 28th evening might not be cheap either.

Back at home, I tried to contact Pinkie, but no luck here. I have no idea at all who will be up there with me in the morning. I hope I won't be alone. That would make things hard.
I still have to finish those video recordings for Luna, Applejack, Sweety Belle and Scootaloo. I have a feeling we're going to skip some of those eventually. A shame.

I have a feeling something, anything really, can happen and will happen in the afternoon to come.

Celestia, out.

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