Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 15 – 25/11/11

Getting into gear.

Both projects have been prepared as well as we could. About 16 kilograms of sweets are stocked, with bags, and we have two cellphones and an irc chan to handle the orders. That should cover this weekend's endurance test. In the worst case, we can go buy a few extra on Saturday. If things go well, we might turn out a profit :D !

For the Monday night one, we started to plan a few activities : mlp projection in full wide screen (in one of those classrooms meant for 200 students), of course, but also a few others : A blind test based on that one : , give-away of the leftover sweets from this week-end, a maybe a few mlp-themed drinks, if we can afford it.

The prises for the blind test were supposed to be mlp toys, but we had some trouble with the toy store. Apparently, they don't 'own' the toys and can give them only if Hasbro agrees to it. The communication between them is going slow, and I'm afraid it won't work out in time. I plan to call Hasbro directly tomorrow to see if I can help to speed up things in some way.
Maybe going directly to their national hq ?

Luna and Sweety Belle just left. They are going to take the midnight-6am shift. I'll have the 6am-12am with Rarity, which should allow me to phone Hasbro during the morning. Which means I should have around 6 hours of sleep if I go to sleep now. Which I will be doing.

I'll be there to rise the sun, take care of the night for me, Luna, will you ?

Celestia, out.

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