Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 17 – 27/11/11

5am already ? But it was 2pm a few seconds ago !

I woke up at 1pm actually. I had some chores to do at home so I've been able to attend list stuff only around 7pm. Many things to do.
Not many orders today, sadly. In the end, we're losing money when we should have earned some. This means tomorrow will be a hard day. To prepare for that, I gathered everyone and planned ahead. We're still going to have many activities during the evening, but most of those have been toned done or will be made without prizes. We're making the dinner (hopefully that will turn out a profit, but we're talking about much smaller quantities anyway), and the activities mentioned yesterday : dance game, pony video game competition, sweets give-away, name-based game, a balloon game, and a few extras if possible.

My work will be to buy the few things we haven't in stock yet (food mostly), then classes, making hot dogs and then the name game. The others have their own missions as well. All the important parts have back-up plans in case of problem.
It will be one of the highlights of all our work. I really hope everything will be okay.

Sands of time and clockwork plans.

Celestia, out.

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