Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 18 – 28/11/11

For once, I wish I were a man of more words.

There is so much to say. Tonight was interesting. It was a great success, as far as the political and organisational sides are concerned. But let us start from the beginning.

My day started at 10am. Not enough sleep, and tired already. Met Rarity, Dash and Pinkie at school. They went to the mall to buy the food we were going to sell at the party, while I stayed in the school to meet the different students I had to meet.
I got an agreement about using the big tv screen in the main room, as well as confirmation our student-run bar would be selling the alcohol our budget couldn't afford. I asked around for a few more permissions, like being able to use to common food-making tools, but was less successful.

Afternoon classes from 2pm to 6pm. I really couldn't afford skipping those, as there would be an exam. I left Pinkie (who didn't attend the same courses) in charge, and hoped for the best. Those few hours were terrible, between the overheated room and the sleepiness.

At 6pm, preparations were mostly finished. I helped a little our Scootaloo with the decorations, then joined Rarity and Sweety Belle for the food. The common tools aren't very efficient and it would probably keep us busy for an hour. Pinkie, Fluttershy and Dash were taking care of the last main room's decorations, music and first videos.
The videos were a success, a few shorts based on our school's inside jokes, as seen by ponies. We then noticed everyone that the food was ready, and I lost track of time for a while.
At around 8pm, we stopped selling food. Everything had been bought, neting us a nice 25 euros profit ! Meanwhile, Scootaloo had the video game competition up and running, and Dash was putting mlp episodes on the big screen. Both were well received.

I took a moment, there, to look at what I had done. A hundred students. Partying to pony music, with mlp projection on the background. Pink lights. Pony-based games enjoyed by non-bronies. Free sweets everywhere. Balloons on the walls.
Did some people really want a school like that ? Not me, even if I understood their wish. As far as spreading the word of harmony went, I could barely do more with mlp.
Will my work be done here, after the campaign is ended ? I will do little more than what we have achieved tonight, and, might I boldly add, probably more than the average brony. Our scool must be 20% cooler now or something like that. I don't care that much, I'll be leaving soon. I am leaving a stranger place, if not better, behind me.

Our track list was running short, though. About one hour and a half of pony music was enough to deplete our stocks of music, and I had to intervene quickly.
I took the wide screen and started the 'pony name or porn actor name ?' game. As predicted, it was a big hit with the student population. We awarded a small prize for that one person who did particularly well, and used that occasion to broadcast our own videos, for the ones who couldn't see them at the beginning of the party. It took some time for Fluttershy to scramble the playlist, to make the repetition less noticeable, and we gave it a second go.

Not much more to mention for the party, but that was a lot already. We started packing at 9:30pm, the school being closed after 10pm (I think I explained that some time ago).Everyone went home expect for me, who followed Pinkie. I went to his home to help with the last details on one of our presentations for Wednesday. Took us an hour, and I was home by midnight.
And here I am ! I am exhausted, badly, and it showed today. I kept being harsh and snapped a few times for no good reason. Furthermore, this campaign forced into a few actions and stances that my friends noticed as out of character for me, in an evil way. I guess innocence and politics don't mesh.

What a spirit of Friendship I make.

Celestia, out.

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  1. > I kept being harsh and snapped a few times for no good reason. [...]

    Bis repetita Day 13.

    Rarity out.