Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 7 - 17/11/11

I knew it would be a very long day. But it was worth the energy.

The day started early. Boring class about group management. Funny how different things are between the nice and clean theory on that board and the reality of my daily group-related problems.

Grabbed a meal and met with members of the list.
Apparently, there will not be another occasion to present videos before the 30th. Since we have an event on the 21st, and another one on the 28th, we have to rush a second video because the first one only dealt with the first event.
Our Fluttershy, always on the edge, had something prepared, but that needed a few tweaks. Good thing I had no classes that afternoon.
Left school at about 6pm. Went to town to buy stuff for the evening. The video broadcasting should begin at about 9pm, and the lists activities at about 10pm. It's all right.

I gave to call to Luna  to remind him to takie the gloves with him while I was bringing the sweets to school. Both of our videos have been sent to the students preparing the broadcast. Money left : 78€.
In the second video, we mention that our website that is almost finished, but yet unavailable. I had to rush it with Luna and Rarity. 8pm, is now online ! It's really not much but for something made in two days between classes and video editing...

The broadcasting is a bit late. It's 9:30pm, and they are far from being ready. They are always late, but it's making me stressed.

11:30pm. The broadcasting started very late, in the end. Our videos were not boo-ed, which is a small victory in itself. Most of the students are still up there. I should have about 30 minutes to prepare the stand before the rush. Moment of truth, second edition.

4:30am. I'm at home. I dare say this was a major success. I was afraid most of the students would shun our lack of alcohol and silly game (opening a sweet using boxing gloves), but it was one of the most popular ones. The sweets were a good idea, and some students went for our grenadine to help their sore throats instead of stronger drinks.
Three happenings to note :
Someone anonymously dropped a pony figurine on our stand while no one was watching. Looks like a .. silver tiara-wearing, white-colored, wings-sporting equine, with star-bursts all over the mane. White hair as well. Not sure if it is old generation pony or unrelated. The wings are broken, but I'm sure we can do something with it. Besides, just the thought of the gift is a huge boost to the morale of everyone after what happened yesterday.
Speaking of yesterday, the second interesting point : some of the people who messed up our stand yesterday came back today. Not sure if it was the mood or the alcohol, but they were quite friendly today. Nobody said anything about what happened, and everything went fine.
Last but not least, a student I had never heard of came to our stand and asked to become a member of our group ! He can't become an 'official' member since we had to send the complete lists a week ago, but we'll use all the help we can find ^^.

That will be all for today, but it is a lot already. Tomorrow, we will get back the camera for the whole weekend. Maybe it won't be as useless this time.

I hope.

Celestia, out.

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  1. Honestly this is good reading material I wish you the best of luck for your campaigns... Wish i had the courage to manage something like that... Anyway Good stuff deffinately adding this to favs